30th Jul - 1st Aug 2021

Near North Rigton, between Leeds and Harrogate


Hope you’re suitably excited about Hopestock!! This is a bit of a info dump but contains all the key things you’ll need to know ahead of the event so please take the time to read it all. 

FYI, the week building up to the event I will be extremely busy with work so if you have a general question please try to ask before then. From a week out I’ll struggle to take calls but will be checking messages, though I may not respond quickly. Once the event has started my phone will mostly be in airplane mode playing playlists so from first thing on Hopestock Friday I’ll be as good as incommunicado but in terms of info everything you could possibly need to know is here or elsewhere on the website.


Campers: Please aim to arrive between 10am and 3pm on Friday. Check out the site map at the bottom of the Directions & Map page:  The pale blue arrows show the driving loop. You will be met by a team member at the entrance to the camping field where you will register your arrival and collect wrist bands. You can then follow the driving loop and pull over near where you wish to camp to unload your stuff (there’ll be a team member to help you to a suitable spot). Once unloaded please continue to the parking field to park up. When driving through the loop please observe a dead-slow, max 10mph speed limit as there will be children around. Not all camping pitches are equal with some on a slight slope and it will be first come first served so arrive early if you’re keen to secure a decent, flat pitch. Most of the area around the pond / within the loop is pretty flat. Most of the pitches on the field to the south are on some sort of slope. Please pitch up considerately to allow us to fit as many people into the better areas as possible. If you can’t arrive before 3pm please head straight into the parking field and park up. You’ll need to carry your stuff to your pitch from there please. Finally, note the camping overspill areas on the site plan which may be an option to consider for later arrivals.

Glampers: The bell tents will have name tags on them. Find your tent!

Friday-only campers: Please can you have completely vacated your pitch by 11am the following morning to make room for Saturday-only people and be on your way by midday.

Saturday-only campers: Please go through the gate shown in the top right of the site map straight into the parking field, park up, find a pitch and then carry your stuff over. No attendee vehicles in the camping area on Saturday please. Please arrive between 10am and midday and collect wrist bands from the bar.

Friday day trippers: Please go through the gate shown in the top right of the site map straight into the parking field, park up and then collect wrist bands from the team member at the entrance to the camping field. Please arrive between 12 and 3 if possible. If arriving after that time, come and find me to collect wristbands. The bar is open with DJ on from midday.

Saturday day trippers: Please go through the gate shown in the top right of the site map straight into the parking field, park up and then collect wrist bands from the bar. Please arrive between 9:45am and midday. DJs and kids activities start from 10am.


This is a private event that you attend in the knowledge that your kids are entirely your responsibility and there will be no other liability in the event of any accidents. We are 200m down a farm track off a relatively quiet country lane and away from any footpaths so the site is safe from that point of view. That said, please report anyone you see without a wrist band or any suspicious activity to me or another team member. Everyone on site (other than caterers) should have a wrist band!

Potential hazards to be aware of are as follows:

i) Cars. Friday 10am – 3pm and on Sunday morning the parking loop will be open to allow people to drop off / pick up stuff. Outside of arrival, through Friday and Saturday we will be vehicle free in the camping and festival areas with the exception of bands arriving to load in.

ii) Water. There is a pond as marked on the site map. It’s not really practical to fence it off so there will be access to the water’s edge all around it and there is a small bridge leading to a little island that is likely to attract the attention of small people. It’s not deep but it’s deep enough so please be especially diligent with younger children! There is also a beck that runs along the site perimeter. There are two points marked on the map where it is accessible down a bank of a foot or two. It’s little more than a stream but still a potential hazard for smaller kids.

iii) Fire. We will have a fire pit as marked on the plan which might be lit from as early as 9pm both evenings.

iv) Bouncy castle / inflatable slide. Please make sure your kids know that it is no shoes and no food and drink on these and obviously nothing sharp! Any damages to be paid for… These are unmanned so you allow your kids onto them at your own risk!


There will be separate banners on-site showing the schedule for the stage and the kids area. The same info is on the what’s on page.


Obviously all distancing restrictions and mask requirements are now lifted so we can enjoy a ‘normal’ event. Out of respect to fellow attendees we are suggesting that all adults consider taking a (voluntary) lateral flow test in the couple of days before the event.


i) Dogs to be kept on a lead in both the camping and festival areas please.

ii) The bar is open 12pm – 12:30am Friday, 11am – 12:30am Saturday. All attendees can get unlimited soft drinks from the bar. Booze ticket people get unlimited alcohol. Beer / cider is self-serve, everything else is via the bar. If a beer tap runs dry please inform the bar team so they know to change the barrel. After the bar shuts each evening you can continue to help yourselves to beers of course and bottles of spirits / wine will be left out! Your wristband indicates to the bar team what ticket you’re on. If you need to upgrade, drop me a message.

On the subject of booze, I am having to estimate how much of lots of different types of alcoholic beverage a large number of people will drink over 2 days which is blatantly guesswork. We will have more than enough alcohol overall to see us through – I assure you of that – but individual things will inevitably run out towards the end of each day just to forewarn you. It’s a one-off event and I can’t return stuff so that’s just how it has to be. I’m sure you won’t struggle to find something else to sup on ;o)

We are being as eco-friendly as we can, using plant based disposable cups. We have plenty but not enough for continued single-use and want to discourage single-use anyway to keep it green! Therefore please re-use / re-fill where possible!

iii) We have 3 food vendors (Tex/Mex, BBQ, Indian BBQ) and a coffee trailer so a range of food will be available at any given time with plenty of options for kids and those with dietary requirements. Payment can be made by card or cash. You’re obviously welcome to bring your own snacks / food should you wish but…. point iv)…

iv) No fires or BBQs at all (camping stoves off the ground are fine)

v) Water – there is one tap located within the festival area delivering safe drinking water. This one tap is to serve everyone so please use it considerately and avoid unnecessary water spillage onto the ground as it could get boggy!

vi) The Kids Zone tent is where all kids activities will take place through the day including face painting and a glitter bar both days, the latter of which is very much for adults too! From 6 / 6:30pm both evenings we will be screening kids TV programmes and movies on a large TV. Please ask your children not to change DVDs themselves. It’s expensive hired-in equipment and we have an adult responsible for putting stuff on to watch each evening. Thanks.

In a short notice re-shuffle to the kids schedule you will see displayed on-site, Friday now begins as follows: 2:30 – 4 Slime Making, 3 – 5 glitter bar, 4 – 5 face painting. Slime making is limited to 40 kids in total, done 5 at a time and will be first come, first served. This was very popular last time so please inform your kids if they want to do it!

vii) See the website for a list of things to bring! Key stuff includes: something to sit on, warm clothing for the evening, torches, toilet rolls. Glampers – your tent comes with a double bed. Please bring something to sleep on + bedding for any kids.

viii) Rubbish. There will be bin bags around the site and a skip for rubbish. Our event team are friends and event attendees as well as working the event so help them out by not littering and using the bins.

ix) After hours – amplified music will stop around 12:30am both nights to be fair to those camping with kids. For those wishing to carry on there will be an after-hours acoustic jam around the fire pit. Any musicians are encouraged to bring an instrument!


There will be breakfast and coffee available from our caterers Sunday morning but outside of that the plan is to pack up and go home. Please can glampers have vacated their tents by 11:30am. All campers to have vacated the site completely by midday please.

That’s it. Thanks for reading and here’s to an awesome weekend!

£110 Adults / £75 No alcohol adults / £40 kids

Just a 25% deposit to secure your place. Balance due 1st June!

What's the crack?!

In the summer of 2018 Helen and I put on a festival themed weekend to celebrate our 40th birthdays and 10 year wedding anniversary. Months of hard work and planning came good and honestly, I couldn’t have been much happier with how it went. The next day after the dust had settled I marked it off as a success but one that I wouldn’t be attempting again; a week later the dust had settled a bit more and I started planning site visits for Hopestock 2020! And then Coronavirus…. and 2020 became 2021. And now, officially confirmed…. IT’s ON! We’re back this summer with an incredible line up of bands across two days, we’re going to rave in a field fueled on by all-inclusive drinks and the kids are going to have the time of their lives! This is your weekend of the summer packaged up and ready to go!

For those who were there in 2018, this year will be bigger, better and more like a proper festival. We have a new site located near Almscliffe Cragg, between Leeds and Harrogate – a perfectly sized field in a very picturesque spot. There’s loads of flat space ideal for camping so bring your own tent or treat yourself to a bit more luxury with a spacious glamping bell tent. If camping isn’t your thing there are a good number of BnBs and Air BnBs very close by and the site is near enough to Leeds for people to day trip it by taxi whilst also being more accessible than last time for those travelling from further afield.

COVID policy

I’m aware that the grand opening date on removing social distancing measures (21st June) may be subject to change. That gives us a decent amount of wriggle room but if things did go pear shaped and we end up not being able go ahead this year we have the same weekend next year reserved as a back-up (29th & 30th July 2022). For now though, we’re full steam ahead!

I’m not going to disregard the element of uncertainty we’re living with right now so there’s one thing I want to make very clear – this is a not-for-profit event put on for friends and as such signing up to attend carries ZERO financial risk. Up until the 1st of June (if the event goes ahead as planned) OR at the point of postponement (if we are forced to move to next year) you are free to cancel and get a full refund of any money paid. So if you’ve yet to sign up you do so free from risk as you have a no quibble option to change your mind.

Tell me more!

The event will very much be a small festival with all that you’d expect from that. We will have large marquee tents to provide cover for both the bar and our seating area, a proper festival stage, festoon lighting to light up the festival area and of course conveniences like toilets.

The attendance ticket is all inclusive of drinks with a fully manned bar serving up quality cocktails, spirits & mixers, wine and fizz. There’ll be self-serve hand pull real ale from our friends at Ilkley Brewery and cold boxes full of lagers, craft beers and ciders.

This year we have moved the date into the school holidays to allow us to make it a genuine 2 day event and we have loads in plan for both adults and kids! It all kicks off after lunch on Friday with an afternoon of live music before the DJs take over and then Saturday is a full day affair with kids’ activities in the morning before another afternoon and evening of live music and partying. Our live music offering this year is taking a serious step up! Visit the What’s On page for more info but highlights include Haggis Horns: Leeds top funk band; Gary Stewart’s Graceland: a full 9 piece line up performing Paul Simon’s seminal album; Louis Louis Louis: getting you dancing with a mix of Jump Blues, 50s rock n roll and ska; Soulful reggae from Majesty and much, much more!

We will have a few more attending this year, largely to help keep the price affordable with the extra costs involved doing a field based event. I must stress though that the ethos of the event remains the same: this is a private event, a coming together of friends where the kids will have a ball and can safely run free whilst the parents can party over a decent length of time and enjoy awesome music, food and drink!

See you there! 

So why are you doing this?

“None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an afterthought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There’s no time for anything else.”

– Nanea Hoffman


^^^^ That right there is my favourite quote and one I try to live my life by. 

When I look at my friends, most people who’re going to get married have done so, the 40th parties are mostly done so we’re thin on excuses to get together and I don’t see most of my friends as often as I’d like. Throw in the kids into the mix and it gets even more tricky. So imagine a weekend where kids and adults alike can have a riot, we can let our hair down, spend quality time together, get trousered and have a dance to some awesome music: well here it is.

I am running this as a non-profit event. If it makes any money I will likely re-invest for future events and / or do a charity donation. In fact in doing something of this scale I am shouldering a hefty financial risk and committing to putting in a huge amount of time. And you know what? I’m weighed in 100%. So why am I doing this? Because: life. Let’s do this!


We are looking for an event team of 10 people to help run the event in exchange for FREE ATTENDANCE.

As a team member across the weekend you will be asked to:

> Do 5 x 1 hour bar shifts (2 people on the bar at any given time)

> Check the 10 bins on site on 2 occasions to see if they need emptying into the skip

> Help with one of: Thursday set up, Friday set up / welcome or Sunday clean up / break down

Please indicate your interest in joining the team on the sign up form


Team members must be 14 or older with parental consent to prepare alcoholic drinks (Photo above for illustration only ha ha)

**EDIT (dated March 2021)** 
Event team now FULL


It’s a team effort! We are looking for:

> DJs. If you can fit in with what’s planned – and we’re mainly looking for people who can play an eclectic party set – we may be able to get you involved!

> Live performers / bands. Whilst the live music schedule is already pretty well developed we have room to accommodate some more suitable acts. Loosely speaking, anything in the funk / reggae / soul / rhythm n blues sphere would be great.

> Kids entertainment. Could you do any of the following for an hour or two: Face painting, Glitter tattoos, Hair braiding, Bracelet making, Treasure hunt, Races / obstacle course, Musical entertainment, Slime making, Something else?

Contributors / performers get £60 off the price of their attendance.

Please indicate your interest in contributing on the sign up form

**EDIT (dated Dec 2020)**
We have a very full programme and nearly everything we need on this front now. Please do suggest what you have in mind when completing the ‘sign up’ form but I can’t promise to include everything from this point…

Spotify sample playlists for Friday and Saturday's DJ sets!

Some photos from Hopestock 2018

Location Map